Vehicle Tracking

Acquiring driving information, as well as evidence required for different cases whether it’s for custody of your child, divorce or checking to see if a spouse has been unfaithful, takes an expert in vehicle tracking. Utilizing different monitoring devices investigators can locate witness whereabouts, find missing people, observe infidelity and verify fraud. With advanced monitoring systems, we can monitor and video individuals and suspects. Ash Investigations with 45-years experience can acquire information that’s accurate, credible and relevant for you to make your case.

Our private investigators provide a variety of monitoring services for clients in Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, and the United States. Our investigations can discover what activities are a part of a person’s routine and those that are not. When suspecting a friend, family member, coworker or employee of taking part in regular illicit activities, an activity check is a place to start.

There has been a constant debate on whether or not the use of the GPS tracking system violates the right of privacy. With some states requiring police and other law enforcement officials to obtain a warrant from a judge before using a tracking device such as the GPS monitoring system, other states that have gathered driving activity have not violated the right to privacy. Satellite technology along with the GPS is hazy at best. The main reason why the argument continues to grab media attention is that of the different laws held by various states on what they believe is the correct use of vehicular monitoring systems. With GPS monitoring systems growing in use at such a vast pace, many businesses everywhere now have access to use GPS satellite, fleet tracking to conduct many wide varieties of searches.

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