Surveillance is a pivotal tool in conducting a variety of investigations at Ash Investigations. Whether you are looking to document a person’s activities as part of a domestic situation, corporate or insurance fraud investigation or a criminal case, their surveillance services will discreetly gather evidence to uncover the truth.

A surveillance investigation provides evidence of a person’s whereabouts, associates, movements, communications, and other activities, helping to prove or disprove any form of wrongdoing. Available for clients whose suspects are located in Houston or elsewhere in Texas and the neighboring states, discreet surveillance investigations will reveal what activities are occurring and provide you with substantial evidence and documentation to move forward with your case.

Ash Investigations brings more than 45-years of experience to every surveillance investigation. With a solid background in law enforcement, prosecution, and FBI training, their Investigators conduct each surveillance case with targeted precision and superior knowledge. Your surveillance investigation is performed with the utmost discretion. Utilizing cameras, video, the Internet and GPS vehicle tracking devices Ash Investigations will provide you with the material evidence from photographs to video surveillance that clearly illustrates the facts; arming you with the details and evidence you need to form a strong legal case. The information gathered from Ash Investigations surveillance services can be used for legal proceedings and criminal prosecution cases, as well as instances of spousal infidelity, fraud investigations, or suspected employee or coworker theft.

Each investigation is conducted discreetly and professionally, providing information to prove or disprove any personal or professional misconduct happening around you. Whether the individual in question resides or operates in Houston or anywhere else in the United States, our investigators will search high and low to find the proof you need to make an informed decision. The professional surveillance services from Ash Investigations will put their experience to use to uncover the truth for you.

Call Ash Investigations (281)732-4501to receive a no-cost, confidential consultation with one of our licensed Private Investigators regarding your surveillance needs. Let our experience work for you.

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