Private Investigation Services

Are you in need of Private Investigation Services? When you need to find information about someone’s background, track whereabouts of a person, to investigate at a deeper level Ash Investigations Private Investigators is who you need. Private investigators are hired by private, public and government sectors to undertake specific investigatory services. Each case is different and unique, and each private investigator places their undivided attention on their cases to assure best work/effort is put forward.


The majority of work that a private investigator deals with is usually civil and criminal cases; however, depending on the amount of education and experience that a specific investigator has, they may work with defense attorneys and handle capital punishment or criminal defense cases. The private investigators at Ash Investigations have over 45-years of experience and certified for expert testimony. The responsibilities of private investigators are broad, and some handle work that doesn’t get associated with the typical job that the public would think they only handle.  Ash Investigations is a full-service legal support team of experts from process serving– to corporate matters, including anti-fraud work, loss prevention, internal investigations of employee misconduct such as EEO violations and sexual harassment just to name a couple. Our investigators work independently or together with the police or law enforcement, digging deeper than police have time for in today’s world.


Our private investigators find information that the police would not have access to because of restrictions placed upon them that a private investigator may not have to abide. Private investigators often perform background checks of individuals or companies for law firms, corporations, and private citizens. We have instant access to public records, search court filings for details of a divorce, as well as any criminal or civil charges filed over the years; this allows us to see things from all angles when handling a case. Our investigators can find information that can tie different leads together to have a full scope of how to execute their plans.


Private investigators are very useful and can help with the many issues people and attorneys need to be dealt with to make informed decisions on moving forward. Whether it’s regarding peace of mind and finding actual evidence to prove a suspicion or the other duties that many of them do that are not the typical and expected. With each void that they fill, their jobs are essential in facilitating the process for many cases to be ultimately resolved.


Call Ash Investigations today to speak with one of our Private Investigators at (281) 578-0135 to receive a no-cost, confidential consultation with one of our licensed Private Investigators about your surveillance needs. Let our experience work for you.