People Finders

There are hundreds of websites online that are “people finders” and do background checks for a small fee. Be aware that these sites are automatically searched through free public records or sometimes old and outdated information. Whether it was $10 or $100, no one likes to waste money. The information received from these sites are often meaningless and it may be information you’re already aware of. Though they might say it is accurate, sadly that is false.  $29.99 will not give you the information you need to make a sound decision on the person you are investigating, it takes years of experience and the right connections to find the information you need. 


Our People Finders Investigators help to locate missing persons or find someone with an address change. Here at Ash Investigations, we have licensed investigators who remain dedicated to the case until it is completed. We have access to resources and nationwide databases that will give you effective and accurate results. We aim to provide you with detailed information such as address changes and current phone numbers. Ash Investigations with over 45-years of experience conducts People Finders Investigations for clients in Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, San Antonio, Texas, and the United States to give you a clear and thorough search of individuals you need to locate.


Having provided this service for 45-years, we understand that some people are harder to locate than others, especially ones wanted by law enforcement or hiding from creditors. Telling us as much information as possible about the person you are trying to locate will help us to give you accurate results. Some cases are more urgent than others and we aim to meet your deadlines. All our investigators schedule a one on one consultation to gather information. Your concerns are important to us and all the information provided is 100% confidential.


Ash Investigations has the experience in detective work, law enforcement, prosecution, and FBI training to locate and track absent individuals. The Investigators at Ash Investigations’ Houston and Dallas offices use the same methods that police use to track suspects. The information uncovered by a People Finders Investigator will show where the individual is located and in many cases reveal the situation surrounding their disappearance. Armed with this knowledge and evidence, you can then move forward to pursue legal action or speak with the missing person about their return or their obligations.


The Private Investigators at Ash Investigations can help you learn more about the disappeared and take steps to locate a friend, family member, colleague, witness, the debtor or another person. Call Ash Investigations today at (281) 578-0135 to receive a no-cost, confidential consultation with one of our licensed Private Investigators about our People Finders Investigations throughout Houston, Texas and the United States. Let our experience work for you.