Missing Persons

Missing person investigations of all types are confusing and frightening. The National Crime Information Center’s (NCIC) Missing Person File implemented in 1975 showed that during 2013 alone, 627,911 missing person records were entered. Of the 627,911 records entered 95.8% were coded as Runaway, 0.8% as Abducted by Non-custodial Parent, 0.1% abducted by a stranger and 3.3% as Adult.


Perhaps you have a child, spouse, family member, or friend who has disappeared, seemingly for no reason and leaving no trace of their whereabouts. You may also be looking for an individual in a situation where there is an apparent motive for his or her disappearance, such as avoidance of legal action or debt obligations. The missing person may even be a material witness in a legal case or an individual who owes a debt to you. Whatever the situation may be, Ash Investigations experienced Private Investigators conduct private investigations in Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, across Texas, and the United States when necessary working to locate missing persons and returning them to their families or to meet their lawful obligations.


Ash Investigations private investigators use their 45-years of experience in detective work, law enforcement, prosecution, and FBI training to locate and track absent individuals. The missing person investigators at Ash Investigations’ Houston and Dallas offices use the same methods that police use to track suspects; including, following a missing person’s financial records, performing surveillance on known associates, tracking vehicles, tracing their last known whereabouts and using other methods to gather leads and find evidence.


The information uncovered by a Missing Persons Investigator will show where the individual is located and in many cases reveal the situation surrounding their disappearance. Armed with this knowledge and evidence, you can then move forward to pursue legal action or speak with the missing person about their return or their obligations. The Private Investigators at Ash Investigations can help you learn more about the disappeared and take steps to locate a friend, family member, colleague, witness, the debtor or another person.


Call Ash Investigations today to speak with one of our Missing Persons Investigators (281) 732-4501 to receive a no-cost, confidential consultation with one of our licensed Private Investigators about your surveillance needs. Let our experience work for you.

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