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Are you an attorney, business or individual that needs legal support? The right people at the right time saves you time and money. Some private investigators specialize in one area while others are broad and offer more services based on the expertise of their investigators. The investigators at Ash Investigations with over 45-years experience understand your legal needs to reveal the truth of a situation.


You can be confident that our determination, diligence, and attention to detail will provide you with the information needed to not only make your case but win. 

Houston Private Investigators Specialize In:

These are the most popular service that we come across however the list does not end there. During your consultation with Ash Investigations, be sure to inquire about the types of services required for your case. It is also important to check references. Ash Investigations, is known as the premier Houston Texas investigative agencies in the country. With a Nationwide database system, along with state-of-the-art surveillance and monitoring equipment including night vision cameras, mini cams, electronic tracking devices, debugging equipment, and various types of surveillance vehicles, our Private Investigators know how to get the job done right.


When it comes to finding the truth, no one does it better than Ash Investigations. We are a full-service private investigation firm certified for testimony in both civil and federal courts that has the experience and knowledge to handle most any investigation. We will find you reliable and trustworthy results that support significant personal and professional decisions and outcomes. Whether you have a nagging suspicion or need physical evidence to prove your case, you can rest assured our investigators will get the job done.


Call Ash Investigations today at (281) 578-0135 to receive a no-cost, confidential consultation with one of our licensed Private Investigators about your surveillance needs. Let our experience work for you.