Insurance Fraud

The insurance industry consists of more than 7,000 companies that collect over $1 Trillion in premiums each year; with that being said, insurance fraud is estimated to be more than $40 billion per year.  This number alone opens the doors for people to commit illegal activities. That means insurance fraud costs the average United States family between $400 and $700 per year in the form of increased premiums according to the FBI.

Insurance fraud is one of the most expensive and common types of fraud, costing billions of dollars each year in damages across the country. Most companies never pursue insurance fraud investigations, making themselves vulnerable to fraudsters and potentially massive financial losses. An insurance fraud investigator examines all aspects of insurance claims to ensure the claim is valid and authentic. If any suspicious activity or fraud is uncovered the investigators at Ash Investigations will find the evidence to defend your business or organization against these fraudulent claims, so you are not paying out funds unnecessarily.

There are a variety of ways insurance fraud is conducted. Commonly, claimants will exaggerate the value of actual damages, overstating the claim to garner more money from the insurance carrier than what is truly due. Insurance fraud can be carried through participating parties, with evidence that is fabricated by one witness or many witnesses and even with doctors exaggerating the seriousness of an injury to keep the injured in the “system.” Insurance fraud includes distorting or inventing damages to a vehicle, falsifying a theft claim, embellishing an injury sustained at work, or other types of fraud to healthcare fraud where false reporting costs taxpayers millions of dollars driving up the costs of healthcare for all of us. During the past five years alone, under the Fraud Enforcement and Recovery Act, the government has collected nearly $23 Billion.

Ash Investigations has 45-years of experience in insurance fraud investigation. Our Private Investigators serve clients in Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, and across the nation, Ash Investigators examines the evidence of the case. Interviews witnesses, all records submitted and follow up on the claimant’s filing using surveillance equipment including movement-tracking devices, reviewing of financial records and other means. This in-depth exploration not only proves or disproves that the claim is legitimate but also gives you concrete, tangible evidence that you can use in court or stop payment in the case of fraud.

Backed by experience and knowledge, Ash Investigations Private Investigators have investigated thousands of insurance and fraud claims over a 45+year span. Experience is the difference and the key to finding the hidden truth in most cases. When there is fraud the professional services of Ash Investigators can help reveal the facts of your case.

Claim Investigations 

  • Arson & Property Damage Claims
  • Medical Claims
  • Automobile Claims
  • Workers Compensation Claims

Worker’s Compensation & Personal Injury Investigations

  • Interview all witnesses
  • Photograph and film location of the injury
  • Determine if the claim is legitimate
  • Verify claimant’s residence
  • Determine if the claimant has begun employment elsewhere
  • Ascertain if the claimant was injured to the extent of the claim through video and film surveillance.

With offices in both Houston and Dallas Texas call Ash Investigations today at (281) 578-0135 to receive a no-cost, confidential consultation with one of our licensed Private Investigators about your surveillance needs. Let our experience work for you.

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