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Trying to find a witness? There are times you are placed in situations where you have to legally serve documents and you are not able to locate those individuals. Or maybe you were a victim of a crime and the only witness that saw what happened vanished without a trace.  At Ash Investigations we aim to locate these individuals and/or legally serve the documentation. Ash Investigations Private Investigators use their 45-years of experience in detective work, law enforcement, prosecution, and FBI training to locate and track absent individuals. Our Investigators at Ash Investigations’ Houston and Dallas offices use the same methods that police use to track suspects; including, background checks, utility, and phone records, surveillance on known associates, tracking vehicles, tracing last known whereabouts and using other methods to gather leads and find evidence.

The process of finding a witness will vary  

Sometimes it may be hard to track down a witness due to certain circumstances. If they have left, skip tracking is used to find them. In any scenario, when the witness is finally located, someone will interview them and gather facts pertaining to the investigation. After the investigator will collect a statement and write one as well. It is important that this is done within the law so that is consistent with the court’s evidence. A process server delivers the legal documentation to the individual being served. These documents explain why they were issued and the mandatory steps that need to be taken. They typically include for the individual to show up for court, reason and the date. We have seen a time span of it being delivered within 24 hours to a couple of weeks.

A PI works closely with a law firm service to contact clients cases who have been closed for years. PIs are trained and have strong people skills that have proven to persuade witnesses that may not want to talk. Chances are high that witnesses have moved since the crime was committed. Hiring a PI will not only save you time but money as well. Famous people can be difficult locating at times. It gets difficult because most of their personal information is hidden due to paparazzi and they typically have multiple addresses that might not be in their name. Let us track them for you.

Call Ash Investigations today to speak with one of our Find A Witness Investigators at (281) 578-0135 to receive a no-cost, confidential consultation 24-hours a day with one of our licensed Private Investigators with over 45-years experience about your surveillance needs. Let our experience work for you.

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