Debug Your Home & Business

Do you need to debug your home & business? It’s not a comforting feeling that someone might be eavesdropping on a personal conversation or even watching you on a hidden spy camera. For such tiny devices used to eavesdrop, it can certainly cause serious damage not only to your business but your home as well. Some might think sweeping for bugs is easy, however, in some cases, it can be very difficult.


Ash Investigations with over 45-years of experience in debugging houses and business for clients in Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, San Antonio, Texas, and the United States to put your mind at ease. Hiring us will give you a clear and thorough sweep. It is important to know who is on your staff, living in your buildings and playing a role in your life, and debugging your office or home if you have suspicions can help you do it. Whether for personal or professional purposes, debugging will help to identify problems and prevent future issues before they occur. Building a healthy workforce or even building a home starts with a solid foundation. Secure your future with experienced Private Investigators at Ash Investigations. Our Private Investigators are knowledgeable and can uncover the truth about any individual for you or your business.


Here are a few tips to test to see if you are a victim of eavesdropping. If you encounter any of the following, contact a licensed and professional private investigator to do a thorough sweep.

Are a victim of eavesdropping?

  • As you may find, it rare that we are able to remember the exact spot we placed an item. Eavesdroppers tend to use that to their advantage. If you have realized that an item was moved and you have no memory of moving the item yourself, there might be a chance that a device was placed in it. Items are not limited to clocks, wall switches, light fixtures, smoke alarms, or even exit signs!
  • Competitors may be seeking confidential information that cannot be found to the public.
  • Gifts are sweet, but not all the time. Gifts can sometimes contain listening devices or spy cameras. Hiring a PI will help to determine if it is bugged before bringing it to private areas.
  • Be on the look for suspicious vehicles. Service vans are often used as a disguise that allows a person to monitor listening devices without suspicion.
  • Look out for unauthorized visits from technicians checking computers or phone lines. This is not limited to exterminators, phone services, inspectors, etc.
  • Listen for unusual noises when using your phone. Sounds such as pops, clicks, scratching noises or even echoes can be a sign that your device is bugged.
  • A more commonplace in business is under a large conference table. It is usual places where not even maintenance would see it while cleaning.


If your business consists of working with sensitive information it is a good idea to hire a PI that will sweep for bugs on a consistent basis. One slight leak can change the future of your business permanently. Make the right decision. Call Ash Investigations today at 281.732-4501 to receive a no-cost, confidential consultation 24-hours a day with one of our licensed Private Investigators about our background check services for employers and individuals throughout Texas and the United States.

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