Child Custody Investigations

No one wants to be faced with a child custody battle let alone a child custody investigation. Though it’s not something anyone wants to have to go through, sometimes we are put in those situations. At the end of it, you want to make the best decision for your child. If there is concern regarding your child’s well-being or their safety, a child custody investigation may be necessary for you to proceed with. If you are reading this, chances are if you’re reading this you know now is the time to get the evidence you need to secure your case in court to gain custody of your child.

Investigations conducted by Ash Investigations with 45-years experience will give you the evidence to act on in cases of child custody hearings and divorce proceedings, should you require them. Our team of Investigators works with discretion and professionalism to resolve the situation as neatly as possible for a solid resolution during this time. Our team is certified to testify and local, state and national courts.

What Is A Child Custody Investigation?

Child custody investigations are thorough evaluations used to determine what happens when the other parent has the child out of your sight ensuring the safety of your child. Common reasons for a child custody investigation includes child abuse, chronic neglect, alcohol abuse and instances of drug use. A child custody investigation is often requested by a concerned parent to observe and evaluate the child’s experience while with the other guardian’s care.

Other reasons for child custody investigations often occur when a divorce or separation takes place; this usually causes a dispute between the parents regarding physical custody of the child. Due to the high emotions, separating parents may throw accusations at one another regarding their parenting skills and abilities. These accusations may be valid while others may be alleged to limit one parent’s access to the child. Because of the possibility of false accusations a qualified private investigator is needed to uncover evidence of the truth.

A child custody investigation can sometimes get intimidating because of the process. Through this process, an investigator will make an observation of the child’s life in both your home and the other parent/guardian’s. Investigators use professional methods, to get a look into the care, well-being, and health of the child.

Raising a young child can be difficult. From the moment they are in the womb to the moment they graduate college. As a parent, you always want to make sure your child is safe. Their safety and security is your primary focus. Though your child is safe at home, you may have reason to be concerned when they are in a different environment or even interacting with people you do not know personally.

How Is A Child Custody Investigation Performed?

Investigators will go through a series of events to form a resolution. The investigator will survey both guardians using videos, photos, and audio recordings. They’ll also listen to the testimonies of the children and family members. A background check on both parents can be required during this process; this is to ensure that the children will be living in a safe, strong, healthy and loving environment. Your child’s security is always your primary focus.

It’s important to hire a qualified private investigator to assure the collection of high-quality evidence. Child custody investigations may include the following:

  1. A home visit
  2. Reviewing public records
  3. Interviews with the parents
  4. Interviews with age-appropriate minors
  5. Interviews with persons of interests connected to parent under investigation
  6. Talking to the child, observing the child’s interaction with parents or other family members

A good private investigator will always look out for the best interest of the child. Refresh your peace of mind, your family’s well-being, and your children’s safety and employ a Cheating Spouse Private Investigator from Ash Investigations.

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