Business Surveillance

There are a number of reasons why a business might need to hire a private investigator like Ash Investigations to set up business surveillance. Surveillance is a critical tool in conducting a variety of investigations. Whether you are looking to document a person’s activities such as a suspicious employee or investors; or maybe you want to have evidence for the worst case scenario, business surveillance services will discreetly gather evidence to uncover the truth. Owning a business gives you the right to protect it. Surveillance safety tool to monitor the pulse of your company while there and while you are away. Surveillance is your eyes when you are not there.

Ash Investigations serves Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas and the United States and ready to assist with your business surveillance needs.

Surveillance is all around us. From the banks to the convenience stores. Companies can monitor activities and have footage of unlawful events. The help of a professional is essential in this process due to the legalities that are included. Surveillance laws are strict because it can be used to invade privacy and must follow specific guidelines. Laws may vary by state. Our investigators have been faced with situations where an employee was stealing information, and with the help of a business surveillance, the business owners were able to see the activity.

What is Business Surveillance?

Surveillance is monitoring the activities of a subject with or without their knowledge of it to find out what they are doing. The evidence is typically shown using pictures or video recordings. Business surveillance, on the other hand, is used to verify the confidential integrity of an employee and for safety reasons. For example, the clients might be concerned that an employee is consorting with a competitor and sharing valuable company information. On the other hand, someone might commit a crime, and you can rightfully go to court with evidence.

Ash Investigations brings more than 30-years of experience to every surveillance investigation. With a solid background in law enforcement, prosecution, and FBI training, their Investigators conduct each surveillance case with targeted precision and superior knowledge. Your business surveillance investigation is performed with the utmost discretion. Our investigators utilize cameras, video, counterintelligence and the Internet. Ash Investigations will provide you with the material evidence from photographs to video surveillance that illustrates the facts; arming you with the details and proof you need to form a strong legal case if that is the case. The information gathered from Ash Investigations surveillance services can be used for legal proceedings and criminal prosecution cases, as well as fraud investigations, or suspected employee or coworker theft.

Business surveillance to consider for your company:

  1. Asset search services
  2. Attorney referrals
  3. Detecting electronic surveillance
  4. Handling evidence
  5. Internal fraud investigations
  6. Investments
  7. Intellectual property
  8. Overall success
  9. Pre-employment screening
  10. Prospective business partners
  11. Security consultations
  12. Workers’ compensation claims

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