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2017 Top Fraud & Scam Attacks

Scammers shut down your brain logic! Consumers lost more than $16 billion from phone scams to identity theft; a billion more than 2015 and growing. More than 15.4 million consumers fell victims ...
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1-in-5 Traffic Crashes Caused by Distracted Drivers  

Distracted Driving Facts & Statistics Texting and driving is one of the most dangerous forms of distracted driving. Stay alert out there! 109,658 Crashes in Texas 3,000+ people seriously ...
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Missing Persons – Know These 6 Facts

1. Do not wait 24-48 hours to call the police. Notify them immediately. There is no waiting period. 2. Anyone can be a missing person, it’s not just about children. 3. Bring the right ...
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Apps to Keep You Safe While Traveling:

Staying safe and having the best tools at your fingertips for both family and business trips is the key to safer travel these days. Don’t leave home without these apps; you’ll thank ...
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Ash Investigations is Available 24/7 to Assist

47-people are known missing persons following Hurricane Harvey in the Houston area alone. If you have a friend or family member missing for any reason below are some tips to guide you to begin ...