Background Checks

Background checks are essential to protect not only the safety of you, your family or your company. No matter who is in question the integrity of your life, family, business and your assets should be of the utmost importance.  Ash Investigations with over 45-years of experience conducts background checks for clients in Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, San Antonio, Texas, and the United States to give you a clear and full picture of the prospective employee(s), tenant(s), and colleagues past so you and your company can make an informed decision. By examining financial and housing records, public record lists of properties, business filings, bankruptcy records, marriage records, and other data, you can be sure your employees, renters, coworkers, and others around you are honest and forthright.


Ash Investigations performs background checks for employers, allowing you to avoid difficult questions during an interview and vetting process while also preventing dishonest and untrustworthy individuals from negatively affecting your life or your business. Employees are the backbone of any company. One bad employee can seriously damage your business causing discord among your current employees and dissatisfaction with your customers or – even worse – lead to thefts, professional disparagement, damage or loss of property and revenue. In fact, four out of ten employers surveyed by CareerBuilder state that a bad hire would cost a company, at least, $25,000 over the course of a year. For small businesses, where employees are expected to do many different jobs, the cost can reach up to $190,000.You deserve to know who is on your staff, living in your buildings and playing a role in your life, and background checks can help you do it. Whether for personal or professional purposes, background screenings work to identify past problems and prevent future issues before they occur. Building a healthy workforce starts with a solid foundation, a safe apartment community begins with knowing your tenants. Secure your future with experienced Private Investigators at Ash Investigations. Our Private Investigators are knowledgeable and can uncover the truth about any individual for you or your business.


Call Ash Investigations today at (281)732-4501 to receive a no-cost, confidential consultation with one of our licensed Private Investigators about your activity check needs. Let our experience work for you.

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