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100 Things a Private Investigator Can Do

Clients hire Private Investigators to find the truth. With the truth, you can make sound intelligent personal and business decisions. With the truth, you know what and who you are dealing with. Why agonize and live with distress when we can get down to the bottom of things quickly and efficiently.


What Private Investigators Do:

  1. Conduct a background check on your babysitter
  2. Conduct interviews and interrogations
  3. Conduct legal pretext phone calls
  4. Conduct stationary surveillance
  5. Conduct undercover operations
  6. Conduct fraud investigations
  7. Develop a security plan for your home or business
  8. Develop leads
  9. Dig deep into the web
  10. Dig into someone’s background
  11. Discover bankruptcy filings
  12. Discover Instagram profiles
  13. Figure out if someone has been to a nearby hospital
  14. Find a business’s credit history
  15. Find a cheating spouse
  16. Find a current address
  17. Find a date of birth
  18. Find a death certificate
  19. Find a private investigator in a foreign country
  20. Find a Social Security number
  21. Find an alias
  22. Find an old address
  23. Find an old friend
  24. Find an old lover
  25. Find a former business colleague
  26. Find automobile accident information
  27. Find birth records
  28. Find business assets
  29. Find business owners
  30. Find business relationships
  31. Find business tax ID (FEIN) numbers
  32. Find civil court records
  33. Find credit history
  34. Find criminal records
  35. Find the current phone number
  36. Find death records
  37. Find driver’s license information
  38. Find e-commerce seller information
  39. Find email addresses
  40. Find federal criminal and civil records
  41. Find hidden Facebook pictures
  42. Find hunting and fishing permits
  43. Find old classmates
  44. Find old news articles
  45. Find old phone numbers
  46. Find old roommates
  47. Find old versions of websites
  48. Find online forum usernames and profiles
  49. Find out if an on-the-job-injury was legitimate
  50. Find out if someone is doing their job
  51. Find out if someone is owed money
  52. Find out if someone owes money
  53. Find out what someone does on a daily basis
  54. Find out when and where a picture was taken
  55. Find out where someone went to college
  56. Find out where vehicles have traveled recently
  57. Find out who’s calling you
  58. Find people who currently live at a particular address
  59. Find people who lived at previous addresses
  60. Find pilot’s licenses
  61. Find police reports
  62. Find prison records
  63. Find professional license information
  64. Find property and deed information
  65. Find property owners
  66. Find property records
  67. Find speeding tickets and traffic citations
  68. Find the owner of a vehicle
  69. Find the owner of an internet domain
  70. Find the phone numbers at an address
  71. Find UCC filings
  72. Find vehicles registered to a particular address
  73. Find witnesses
  74. Find workers’ compensation torts
  75. Find your child
  76. Find your long-lost relatives
  77. Find your old friends
  78. Find your parents
  79. Gather witness statements
  80. Give witness testimony
  81. Give you advice
  82. Give you peace of mind
  83. Help install surveillance cameras
  84. Help you retain custody of your child
  85. Interview neighbors
  86. Knock on doors
  87. Know when someone is tracking your email
  88. Know when someone opens your emails
  89. Locate a person
  90. Locate assets
  91. Locate corporate filings
  92. Locate divorce records
  93. Locate driving records
  94. Locate hard-to-find Facebook profiles
  95. Locate hard-to-find social media profiles
  96. Locate inmates
  97. Locate marriage records
  98. Locate sexual offenders
  99. Look up foreclosure records
  100. Look up past employment
  101. Make sure employees are not stealing from you
  102. Make sure only one person is using a Social Security number
  103. Make sure you are not being catfished
  104. Make sure you are not being stalked
  105. Make sure your security is tight
  106. Make sure your spouse or fiancé/fiancée is who they say they are
  107. Protect your interests
  108. Refer you to a private investigator with deep expertise on a subject
  109. Research legal filings
  110. Research neighborhood census data
  111. Research Twitter profiles
  112. Reverse search an image
  113. Run a credit report
  114. Run license plates
  115. Run VIN numbers
  116. Screen your potential tenants
  117. Serve a subpoena
  118. Speak to previous landlords
  119. Stay confidential
  120. Tail, track and document someone without them knowing
  121. Track down concealed carry weapon (CCW) permits
  122. Uncover what’s being hidden
  123. Verify a contractor
  124. Verify a resume
  125. Verify a Social Security number
  126. Verify a stockbroker
  127. Verify current employment
  128. Verify LinkedIn data


Be safe, Ash

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