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Houston Private Investigator Bernard Ash is always one step ahead of the other guy. He and his team of private investigators at Ash Investigations with over 45 years of experience can meet your needs. Serving Houston, Katy, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Texas, the United States and across Europe since 1986. Specializing in surveillance, worker’s compensation, insurance fraud and liability claims. Bernard Ash is the go to the investigator for private citizens, attorneys, and insurance adjusters.

Mr. Ash is one of few private investigators in the United States Certified Expert Witness in both State and Federal Courts on Premise Liability Cases presenting your case at its best. Bernard Ash acquired his private investigator license in 1980. Known across the country, Ash Investigations is the premier private investigative service to meet your needs.  Ash Investigations has a nationwide database and state of the art computer system, along with state-of-the-art surveillance and monitoring equipment including night vision cameras, mini cams, electronic tracking devices, debugging equipment, and various types of surveillance vehicles to meet the needs of their clients.

When it comes to finding the truth, no one does it better than Ash Investigations. We are a full-service private investigation firm that has the experience and knowledge to handle most any investigation. We will find you reliable and trustworthy results that support significant personal and professional decisions and outcomes. Whether you have a nagging suspicion or need physical evidence to support and prove your case, you can rest assured our investigators will get the job done.


Our surveillance team is the best in the city. Activities of anyone can be documented and recorded. Surveillance assists you to make decisions efficiently as to the direction of an investigation or confirm suspicions. Often the most revealing method of finding truth in domestic, corporate, insurance, and criminal matters.


Falsified liability claims cost businesses millions of dollars each year, with many cases unreported and uninvestigated, allowing these fraudulent claims to happen, again and again, many times with the same people. Ash Investigations helps to prevent your company from paying out on false claims by investigating the evidence surrounding the case.


Activity checks include conducting a discrete neighborhood and work canvas to gather information for your claimants’ profile. A preliminary database search will be performed to assist in the location and understanding of your claimant. This service is an affordable solution determining if future surveillance is needed.


Insurance fraud is one of the most expensive and common types of fraud. If you or your business suspect insurance fraud and you’re looking at a suspicious claim, we can help. Our private investigators in Houston, TX are equipped to dive into your insurance fraud case so that you get the answers you need to take appropriate action.


Dealing with a missing person can be disheartening at best. If you have a friend, family member or a loved one who’s gone missing? Ash Investigations, is here to help. Our dedicated private investigators in Houston, Katy, Dallas, Texas area are ready to put their plan inaction to bring your loved one home.


For personal or business, knowing who you are dealing with is the first step. Not your run of the mill background checks you find on the Internet. We have access to over 30+ databases to acquire the information you need to make an informed choice. Ash Investigations, understands the importance of accuracy. Sometimes it can be a matter of life or death or the reputation of your company.


Cheating spouses, divorce, or child custody investigations are conducted by our highly experienced private investigators with the utmost respect for your privacy. We can gather the right evidence to ensure your case is professionally handled whether to prove infidelity for a divorce case, to obtain custody of a child or to determine if a relationship is right for you.



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Ash Investigations is a Houston-based Texas Private Investigation agency serving Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, and San Antonio, Texas, the United States and across Europe since 1986 specializing in surveillance, worker’s compensation, and liability claims.

  • 45+ Years of Experience
  • FBI Academy Graduate
  • Masters Degree – Criminology & Law Enforcement
  • Certified Expert Witness – Premise Liability Cases
  • Former DA Investigator
  • Former Police Officer
  • Expert Testimony
  • Firearms Expert & Instructor

Bernard A. Ash

Owner & Principal Investigator